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The pedagogical approach of Chasing Time English

English language classes should excite. They should grip the imagination and inspire students to speak and to write. They should be eager to hear more. And the things they learn should be real and be crucial.

We believe video is the medium to achieve this. The drama and action of our short narrative videos make for compelling viewing, enlivened with intrigue, humor, surprise and tension. Our vision is for the video to stand on its own as entertainment: captivate learners, and the learning will follow.

We back this up with solid, cutting-edge pedagogy. Our international team of materials developers consists of PhD-qualified applied linguists and experienced industry professionals dedicated to designing teaching and learning resources based on contemporary, research-backed approaches.

Staying a step ahead, we draw on the fields of Conversation Analysis and Pragmatics to promote a broad base of communicative competence. We aim to shift the industry away from Listening Skills to broader Viewing Skills, a more authentic approach in which meaning is not merely detected through decoding sound – as if every conversation was by phone – but through language as it is enhanced through multi-modal resources including voice, facial expression, gesture, and a sense of space.

Chasing Time English promises pedagogical innovation, learner engagement, and quality assurance.